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Storytelling. In other words, ‘telling a story’. When encountering the word here, it may be obvious to think of the introduction, “Once upon a time….” While this would be an example of beginning to tell a good, old-fashioned story, it is still quite different from storytelling as a modern marketing concept. Because that’s exactly what it is - storytelling is a marketing discipline, which companies can use to evoke feelings in the audience when telling a story in a certain way. 

With storytelling, you feed the imagination of your recipient, activating thought processes. By doing this, your audience remembers your company more easily. Not only that, but storytelling is also very useful, because it makes it easier for the recipient to understand the message. It has been proven that people remember information much better when they have it told to them through a story, as opposed to looking at a list of facts.

What is storytelling, and how is it used?

In short, storytelling is about using a story to communicate a message. The purpose of storytelling is to create relevant content for the audience that makes them want to engage in what your company offers – be it a service or a product. With storytelling, you evoke feelings for your audience. You want to activate their feelings to a degree that prompts your audience to act. 

Storytelling is eminent as a marketing strategy. It is a tactic companies can use to get their audience to understand why they should be interested in a certain area, topic, or field. An additionally, storytelling functions as a way to improve the credibility of your company and make your brand accessible.

But why choose to use storytelling, you may ask. If you were asked whether you would prefer watching a PowerPoint with a bunch of facts or see a video that wrapped facts in a narrative, you would most like to choose the latter. 

And the reason for this is fairly simple – people love a good story. And for this reason, storytelling is an effective way to influence your audience, because you are simply activating a perfectly natural innate drive. 

Of course, a story is not just a story. It has to be good, inspiring, and stirring. The audience must be able to remember the story – otherwise, the effect is lost. Thus, in order to create success with storytelling, the story has to check the boxes of being authentic, creative, original, and having a tension curve that can influence the feelings of the recipient.

Evoke feelings in the audience with storytelling on video

Sure, we have been tossing around storytelling as a concept, but if you are really going to use storytelling and see results from it, you need to make sure that you use it right. You may remember from your literature classes what makes a good story. With storytelling, we are not talking about something brand new – it is old wine in new bottles. Because the best stories follow the same structure and contains the same elements – and this is also true for storytelling in video production. 

Thus, when producing a video with storytelling as the vehicle, you should incorporate the following three elements: 

With these elements, you have a basic formula for storytelling that can entertain and influence your audience.

Specialists in video production with storytelling

At Litemotions, we specialize in modern video production – with our experience in video as media, we have a keen eye for creative and effective video content solutions. And of course we keep storytelling in mind, so the audience is captivated. 

We can help you with professional video – whether for use online or on television. With professional equipment and a well-orchestrated plan for content production, we ensure that you get an esthetically impressive branding video with a sharp focus on the values of your company. 

Our team stands ready to assist you through the entire process – all the way from the concept phase to publishing your new video content. At Litemotions, we have creative and tech-savvy in-house talent that know every facet of production. This makes us a great choice as a collaborator when you need to produce a video. We realize your visions and help you discover which formats and stories work best to get your message across clearly. 

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