What is a Webinar?

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What is a webinar?

As indicated by the name, a webinar is a web-based seminar. The webinar is an online event, usually arranged by a company or an organization, which can be followed by individual users from each their computer via an internet connection.

There are several different software solutions allowing the person arranging the seminar to present PowerPoint slides, homepages, or other media content in the livestream. As part of a webinar, there is also the option of having the audience interact in real time via comments, polls, etc. By the way, comments and production are often handled by a moderator – meaning person different from the presenter(s).

With Litemotions backing you up, you gain access to all the technical possibilities that are currently available for arranging a webinar. But why even offer a webinar? Let’s look at the advantages below.

Advantages of offering a webinar

Just as with physical meetings and trainings, there are many advantages to offering a webinar. But the advantages are completely different – and these may be the precise reason why a webinar is the right solution for you and your company. Here are the most important ones:

Get a professional webinar setup with help from Litemotions  

You can confidently leave it all to us – or you can have us realize the visions you have for your upcoming webinar – and we will bring the concept to life for you, using our equipment and expertise.

If you choose Litemotions as your collaborative partner for your next webinar, you can expect the best technical quality and stability in a process, where there are many wrong sources and pitfalls. In other words, we don’t compromise on the quality of the webinar experience – delivering live-streaming of webinars of unsurpassed quality is what we do. We realize the importance of delivering a good sound and picture experience, and because of this we always deliver a professional setup for your webinar. 

Furthermore, we can also make sure that you receive the webinar as a digital recording that can be accessed later on your company’s homepage or intranet, allowing it to continue to create great value for your audience or your stakeholders. As the sender, you obviously have the option of being part of the production design at different levels.

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