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Make the planning of your virtual conference easy: With a professional setup from Litemotions, you don’t need to focus on anything but the content for the conference.


Virtual conference 

Things that were hard to imagine a few years ago are taken for granted today. More tasks, events, meetings, and entertainment options have moved from the physical, analogue world into the virtual and digital one. As a part of this trend, holding conferences virtually is becoming increasingly popular in Danish companies. And for good reason: 

With a virtual conference, you save yourself the trouble of gathering the participants physically – you don’t need to book a venue or deal with other practical considerations that would otherwise come into play when a lot of people congregate in one place. And not only that, but virtual conferences are also a great and more climate-friendly alternative to companies that have global destinations on the agenda. 

Some might think that virtual conferences should be considered a completely different concept than the familiar physical conference. There is no reason for this to be the case, however. A virtual conference can basically accomplish the same as a conference with physical participation. The only difference is the fact that you don’t sit side by side with other conference participants, rather you sit in front of a screen and maintain contact with the other participants through, for instance, a chat feed. 

Advantages of holding a virtual conference 

There are many advantages associated with the virtual conference. Let us mention just a few of the reasons why virtual conferences are a good idea. 

When conferences are held online instead of as physical meetings, it is easier to gather more people from more different places in the country – or even the world. Obviously, a virtual conference requires planning as well, but the setup is often simple, and the actual preparation process is less demanding. 

There is no reason why the feeling of fellowship or engagement from the participants should be lost when the conference is moved online. The virtual conference space opens new possibilities for communication between speaker and audience, where involvement and dialogue can play out in completely different ways through various digital features, such as chat rooms, question features, and group polls. This is a great benefit for the presenter and enjoyable for the participants, who get the chance to play a more active role in a conference setup. 

Generally, physical conferences are arranged in a way where the audience sits facing the speaker, who is standing in front of a (larger) screen that is part of the presentation. As one participant among a hundred other participants, however, catching the entire text or seeing the graphic on an individual slide before moving on to the next can be difficult. With a virtual conference, you avoid this challenge – you will often have the option of going back in the presentation to see a slide again. 

Virtual conferences in-studio or on location 

If you would like to hold a virtual conference, there are different scenarios for the way you can do so in practical terms. As with a physical conference, you need to select a location for it – the only difference being that you only need to consider where you, as the speaker, will be when going live. Your guests are simply invited into the virtual setup you have chosen. 

At Litemotions, we offer the setup of a livestream studio on location – i.e. we bring all the equipment that enables you to hold the conference and livestream from, for instance, your office or a conference room at your workplace. 

If you would like to ensure a thoroughly prepared and ultra professional look, you may also choose to transmit your conference from our studio. 

Quality livestreaming ensures a great experience

Everyone is familiar with the drawbacks of poor internet connections, and over the last few years you may have participated in a conference with technical glitches. This is a source of  annoyance – both for the conference host and for the participants. 

If you would like to avoid that type of unnecessary challenge, you need to choose a professional collaborative partner for livestreaming. And that is precisely what you get when you work with us at Litemotions. We are on top of the technical aspects, and with our professional equipment and many years of gathering knowledge about best practices in livestreaming, we can help you realize your plans of holding a virtual conference. In other words, we are your guarantee that your livestreaming will be high-quality with a professional look to help ensure that your conference participants have a great experience. 

With Litemotions at the helm for the technical aspect, you don’t have to focus on anything but delivering content and being yourself. 

Book Litemotions for your virtual conference today 

Litemotions is your collaborative partner for holding conferences 100% online. We offer to hold the conference on the platform that meets the needs of your company. For us, Vimeo is the preferred platform choice, but we are happy to customize the conference setup based on the needs of your individual company, whether these preferences are platforms like Facebook Live, LinkedIn, YouTube, Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. 

If you want to involve remote guest speakers as part of your conference, we are happy to help you with the technical aspect to make that possible. Our extensive experience with livestreaming and executing meetings, conferences, etc. online means that we also serve as a sparring partner and guide for presenters and remote guest speakers ahead of the conference, if this is something you want.

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