As a result of getting Litemotions to help you with livestreaming, you don’t have to focus on anything but being yourself.


Optimize Your Livestreaming with a Dedicated Production Team Behind You

Stream live, share your videos, and comment on PowerPoint presentations etc. in real time. With our expertise, you can use any social media platform – private or public – to reach exactly the right target group with precisely the right message.

You see, we take pride in establishing the optimal connection between sender and recipient by using unique livestreaming solutions. We can even develop a webinar for your company if that’s what you need.

That way, you can be sure you’ll reach your audience when you have something to say.

Our Approach to Facilitating the Optimal Livestream for You

1: Concept and idea

We know how important it is to stand out in the torrent of noise from digital media. We help you develop a unique concept for your campaign – and if your concept is already in place, we help you bring it to life through a carefully thought-out and effective livestreaming setup.

2: Breifing

As a communication situation, Livestreaming differs from corporate, product, or BTS videos. Therefore, we help you ensure that you are geared to present and create value for your audience in a live situation. We do this through things like timeline briefing, insight into presentation techniques, etc.

3: Livestreaming

This is the phase where we send out your livestream to your audience based on the previous planning and setup. We also have the option of creating “behind the scenes” pictures and recordings that can be used for marketing and branding.

4: Perfecting

After making the recording, we can edit and save your livestream in a file if that’s what you want. This is an extra service for you who would like to present your content in a certain way. If you choose to stream via places like Facebook or YouTube, your stream will always be accessible after you have gone live.

Get the Most out of Livestreaming

The concept of livestreaming covers a number of things surrounding synchronized communication directly to a given target group. But the communication can be done in completely different ways via various digital channels.

When you opt to get our help with livestreaming, we tailor your live setup based on your specific preferences. If you want to create your livestream on Facebook, YouTube, or some other platform, we’ll make it happen. We can also facilitate remote participation, such as through a professionally set up video conference through apps like Teams. This means that you can be anywhere and be directly connected to your colleagues in studio, who are all participating via integrated livestreams all at once.

It is possible for us to set up a streaming studio on location in your company – but here at Litemotions, we also offer facilities to do it here with us in an efficient and professional setting.

Advantages of Using Litemotions for Livestreaming

The possibility of transmitting live video directly out to your target group is the new black. And when you choose Litemotions to ensure that everything runs smoothly and looks perfect, it helps position your company at the head of the pack of first movers that make the most out of new technological possibilities.

Even though the recording is done and sent live, the transmission is also recorded. This means that after your session, you have valuable video content in a format that retains your customers, partners, and stakeholders in the most effective way. Content that can be watched again and again. With livestreaming, you can target the precise audience you are looking for – and afterwards, you also have the option of getting the results presented by us in the form of clear data, giving you insights into things like how many people watched with interest.

Contact Us to Get the Most out of Your Livestreaming

As a result of entering into collaboration with us, you don’t have to focus on anything but being yourself. Our technical specialists take charge of coordinating the recording, ensuring that sound, lighting, video, set, and production present you in the best possible way. This way, you are leaving all the technical aspects to the experts, giving you the freedom to talk about your own area of expertise – without having to worry at all about the video or the underlying technology.

This freedom removes the extra layers of consideration, making your communication to your target group as clear and sharp as possible. So contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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